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Working with Community-Based Organisations in South Africa

Soweto Connection currently funds six community-based groups in South Africa. We help them to deliver services and support to people affected by HIV/AIDS, and we were able to set up regular monthly payments to two of them for the care and education of orphans.

John and Sheila of Soweto Connection with Mary, Filamon and Sr. Dolores of Inkanyezi

One of the groups, the Inkanyezi HIV/AIDS Programme, operates in Orange Farm, which is an informal settlement outside Johannesburg. Many parts of Orange Farm have no infrastructure, no place where young people can get a decent job. Many 20 year olds have spent the last 4 or 5 years caring for AIDS patients for just a stipend. Some have been chosen for further training in Inkanyezi, where the patients get medical help, but most of them need further assistance if they are one day to support their own families.

Thanks to regular standing orders to Soweto Connection, several families in Thulumtwana are now getting regular support. One such family is that of Tshidiso Mokoena. His parents only discovered that they were all HIV positive when he was born in 2001. They struggled for a few years and then came to Inkanyezi for help in 2005. Inkanyezi have supported them since then and now Tshidiso is going to school thanks to Soweto Connection.

Mr. Mokoena has also been able to start a small garden in which he grows radish, spinach, carrots, onions and other vegetables. He is now able to put some food on the table for his family.

John and Sheila with Irene and two of the children she cares for on behalf of PWC

The Power of Women and Children is another South African partner of Soweto Connection. They have initiated a number of programs in Tshepisong which is a relatively new settlement of around 800,000 people in the southern part of Johannesburg. These include a Day Care Centre to look after orphans and a Home Base Care program for people who are HIV patients. Counselling, feeding, and cleaning/bathing/washing services are provided to orphans and affected children, as well as to adult patients.

Soweto Connection secured a grant from Irish Aid to build the Day Care Centre in 2009, and have continued to support them financially since.

The Day Care Centre is used to deliver pre-school education and other essential services to HIV/AIDS orphans, to provide essential services to HIV/AIDS patients, and to make skills training and counselling available to women in the community.

Soweto Connection raises funds in Ireland for South African community-based groups that are working with people affected by HIV/AIDS. The money collected makes urgent treatment available to HIV/AIDS patients, provides home-based care to sufferers, and assists in HIV/AIDS prevention services.

All donations are gratefully accepted, and all money goes directly to helping AIDs victims and their families.