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Sihle means gift

By admin - Posted on 03 January 2013

We'd like to share an email we got today from one of our partners, Power of Women and Children. They operate a small daycare centre in Tshepisong, a township Northwest of Johannesburg. Mufumbe writes:

Dear John,

I would like to inform you that PWC has a ne
w baby boy aged 7 to 8 months brought by the police. The abandonned child was found aroung Bramfish 3 kms from Tshepisong, a child dumped by the mother, found near a small marsh. We have named him Sihle Molefe ..., Sihle means gift. We are waiting for the social workers to come back from holidays and together with the police to lodge the matter to court and once the case is finalized then the child will be PWC legal child.

He is cool but still going to the clinic for general check up becaus
e of ray of sunshine which affected his vision.

It is a new challenge but with God everything will be

Just look at this beautiful boy, and know that he gets a chance at life because of the fabulous work of our partners, and because of your support

Thank you!

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